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    Hail might've gotten my roof...

    But I am not the type that gives up easily! Last week some really nasty weather came in from the north which completely obliterated my neighborhood. I am not even kidding, the hail must've been the size of tennis balls. I would probably have gotten killed or seriously injured if I went outside in that storm. I'm lucky my couch is so comfortable hehe!


    The after math looked like something out of a post apocalyptic movie, literally everything was trashed or broken in some way or another. Cars had their wind shield smashed, bus stops had dents in them, plenty of debris flying around. Oh, my roof had like 100 different holes (okay I am exaggerating but there were plenty of holes) in it as well. I knew something had to be done, I'm no rocket scientist but I am pretty sure a roof should be free of holes. I knew I needed to fix this ASAP as getting rain inside my roof would probably destroy my entire home.


    Sadly I am not a handyman myself so I had to swallow the good old pride and call a roof contractor. These days it only takes a couple of seconds to find someone on Google, a quick search gave me the phone number of a company specialized in hail damage roof inspection san antonio tx. Gave them a call and they showed up the very same day for a quick inspection, it was really nice of them to give me a free inspection before hand. I hate getting an invoice and being surprised over how much money they actually charged.


    Luckily for me this wasn't the case. They fixed the entire roof the following week and I could now feel safe in my own home again. Okay, kidding, but I am at least safe from mold and more hail!

    Just got myself something awesome...

    What’s up people! Welcome to the new blog, I didn’t like blogging on Tumblr so I switched to this site instead, I think it looks a lot cleaner and it’s easy easier to use as well. I also don’t have to deal with all those naughty pictures popping up on my feed.


    Anyways, to get back on track. Today I tried something really cool, or rather, I actually bought something really cool! You have most likely already seen this product, it’s been a pretty sensational news headline all over the world. People like Mike Tyson, Justin Bieber and plenty more have been seen riding this cool product. Before I reveal what it is, I just want to say… Don’t give me crap for buying one of these! It’s strictly for transportation, not trying to look cool or anything.


    So… You probably already guessed it, but I bought myself a Lamborghini Hoverboard! Yeah that’s right, I’m a hoverboarder now. This is a little cooler than your standard hoverboard, first of all the design is way cooler with it’s glossy black and red standing pads. Not only does it have a cool design but it also has a built-in bluetooth speaker, that means I can connect my phone to it and play my music on the go. I’m a rolling boombox so to speak haha!


    I really thought it would be harder to ride, people keep telling me to be careful, to take it easy etc but I could ride it from the moment I stepped on it. I even tried riding down the curb with it, guess what? I didn’t fall off! That’s how good I am. But I can udnerstand why some people find it hard, I have background in Parkour so I have a very good sense of balance.


    If you’re thinking of getting one of these hoverboards for yourself I can highly recommend them. They’re plenty of fun and a great conversation starter, you might be able to pick up some guys or chicks with it even!




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